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Why choose solar energy?

Nowadays, the unit price of solar energy is cheaper than the energy used from electrical utilities. The Sun, the only source we need is inexhaustible, ensuring a more sustainable future. Furthermore, with the increase of electricity fees, solar generation become even more attractive from a financial point of view.

What is a solar heater?

It’s a system used for heating water by the sun heat and storing it to use later. The system is made by solar collertors(panels) that receive heat from the sun and transforms solar energy into termal energy, using a termal tank(boiler) that stores hot water to use later.

Does this system distribute hot water to all the points of the property?

Yes, with ViaSol solar heater system, it’s possible to bring comfort through hot water to all points of the property, such as showers, bathroom sink, kitchen sink, etc. It won’t be more painful to brush your teeth on a cold winter day.

Does solar energy bring savings to the electric bill?

Yes! Depending on the energy availability of your property and the use of the shower before installation, you can achieve savings of up to 60% on the electricity bill.

Can I install solar energy in my apartment (building)?

Yes, but only if you are the penthouse's owner or if the condominium has an area to install panels for common use. Panels installed on facades of buildings are expensive and more complex, furthermore, it is necessary to check the policy of the condominium to change the facade.

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