Invest in the main source of energy on Earth.


It is with this basic premise that, since 2008, ViaSol Solar Energy produces and develops equipment for capturing solar thermal energy in the heating of water in a fair, clean and sustainable way.

The brand was created with the purpose of transmitting the essence of its purpose to consumers, suppliers, employees and partners.

placas de aquecedor solar
Fonte geradora
água aquecida com aquecedor solar



Generating Source

Funding and distribution



Sun is energy. It is incidence, frequency. It is the biggest star in a universe full of possibilities. It is a source of the greatest good of humanity: nature.

Solar collectors capture the full force of the sun and intermediate the junction between energy and water.

Hot water is the result of a process that does not harm the environment. It’s the conversion into health for the planet. It’s the comfort that comes from the shower and from the faucet.​

Rather than believing in its consumers as agents of decreasing the harm to the environment through solar energy, it’s projecting the energy of the future, here and now, into the present.




The company has a wide and competent administrative, commercial and industrial structure capable of serving consumers, suppliers, partners with excellence throughout Brazil.


Providing comfort and satisfaction to our consumers.


Exceed expectations through excellence in service and high quality of our products and services offered.


To become the great national reference when it comes to capturing and generating solar energy in Brazil.


commitment - responsibility - ethics - transparency - initiative - excellence - social participation

Av. Prof. Hilário Giovanella, 160 - Polo Industrial Abilio Nogueira - 14406-061 - Franca-SP

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